The new year…2012

Well the new year is upon us and with the new year comes many new resolutions. Things we are going to change and do differently, diets, more time spent with loved ones, etc…More often times then none though we often see these new resolutions fizzle in the first couple months…sometimes sooner. So how can we make sure that we keep on track with our new found commitment and often hearts desire to be better?

I’ve found that number one, we need to make sure that we aren’t setting ourselves up for defeat, make the goals attainable. Obviously if your goal is to lose 200lbs in a month then when those 30 days are over and you only lost 20 you will feel defeated and feel like giving up. Instead maybe your goal should be to lose 10lbs a month for the next 12 months and register your progress on a monthly basis. As the weight comes off each month that will an accomplishment and the motivation you need to persevere. So make your goal attainable.

Second, put some motivation out there for you to view or hear. Often times it seems when we are trying to improve ourselves in comes old man doubt or those little demons that pop up on your shoulder and start talking all that junk filling you mind with doubt, fear and worry. When those voices appear out of nowhere you need to be re-energized and regain focus and perspective. This can be in the form of an accountability partner or an encourager, someone who knows what your goals are and are there for moral support. It can also be a picture of something that sparked the resolution in the first place. Or maybe it’s something you heard. Whatever it might be, keep it with you, close by you or just a phone call away so when those times come, you will have the ammunition to fight back.

Lastly, you have to persevere at all cost. This might sound stupid or maybe a “no duh” point but think about this….Let’s say you get this great idea in your head that you want to change something this year and you form this resolution. Well what happens when you don’t follow through and accomplish what you’ve set out to do? The next year rolls around and again you come up with this great idea about what you want to change but that lingering thought pops up about the years previous failed resolution. This then makes it easy to give up again and starts a pattern of failed attempts. The only way to change this is to start overcoming and to finish what you started. Will you have minor setbacks during your attempt to change…..yes….but stay the course and reach for that motivation.

One final note….When you have begun to complete these resolutions and become a champion at change in your life, think about what you can now accomplish……reach for the stars….and someday when you read about yourself in the daily news periodical or maybe the internet you can think back to where it all started…..your 2012 new years resolution.


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